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Import users from G Suite

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By importing employee information directly into Bybrand Departments, via integration with G Suite, you eliminate manual tasks, making the process of implementing email signatures more efficient.

For faster instruction, see the full video tutorial at the end.

Activating Integration

Before you can start importing users into your created Department, you need to enable Bybrand integration with G Suite. We already have a complete tutorial for this process, see in:

Creating the Department

The first step is to create a department. Let’s consider that you just created one.

Once created, choose the import menu via integrations, as can be seen in the example illustrated below. With G Suite integration active in your Bybrand account, click Import.

Import from G Suite

If your G Suite integration is not active, you will receive an activation warning. Then go back to the page and click on import.

Importing G Suite users

In this part, will be displayed all the available domains in your account. You can load users’ information of your domain to Department.

Department G Suite import users

In the example, all users of the @adizer.com.br domain will be loaded by clicking the Load users button.

Here is the list of reserved fields imported, and which you can use in the email signature. It is added as empty if a field has no information. You can at any time edit the employee information, and add the missing data.

  • email
  • firstName
  • lastName
  • fullName
  • employeeTitle
  • employeeDepartment
  • phoneWork
  • phoneMobile
  • photo

User profile photo

You can see that we also import the profile picture of the employee if there is one. This way, you can use the custom image for the email signature.

See this tutorial for more details on how to work with dynamic images in departmental signatures.

The images loaded by the employee are also available in superior Assets.

Video tutorial

As declared, here is a complete video of the entire process described above. For any questions or difficulties, please contact our support by clicking on the button beside it.

Import from G Suite integration

Maybe, you’d like to see how manually import users. Take a look at this tutorial.

Updated on 24 de May de 2020

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