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Inviting users to access your account

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Bybrand Team provides a way for you to invite users to access your account and help you manage email signatures.

We recommend that you read about Bybrand Team in our released statement, where we have a presentation that complements this tutorial.

Accessing Bybrand Team feature

Enter your account and make your way to the Team menu, as shown in the image.

Bybrand Team area

To invite a user, you need to inform the email used for their account and the type of access. You can choose to send the invitation through email or not. If your option is to not send a confirmation email, you can create a very strong access password.

Inviting users

Access type

Initially, Bybrand Team has Editor access that has permissions to manage the content of the Signatures section. In the future, Bybrand Team will have the administrator access with the capacity of changing the account’s configuration.


Permission to add, update, see and remove all content and records from the Signatures section, including Departments, Campaigns, and Assets. An editor can also update email signatures through integrations if it is still active.

An editor user cannot manage the settings of the account, such as adding a new integration.

Signatures section

Bybrand signatures section

You can edit or remove the access of any account at any moment.

Where can a user log in? The login in the private Bybrand area is done through the same address of a normal administrator user, in https://app.bybrand.io

The Owner of the account

The owner of the account has higher-level permissions than any other user. They are the first person to register on Bybrand. There’s only one owner per account, and that can be set using the “Account” tab in the account settings. The owner cannot be removed.

Updated on 22 de October de 2019

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