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Working with Campaigns in the email signature

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Bybrand Campaigns is a way to engage marketing and sales employees through emails, spontaneously. Everyone in the company works together to reinforce product offers and business services. With that, they sell more.

We recommend you to read more about Bybrand Campaigns in our release announcement, there we have a presentation that completes with this tutorial.

Creating the first campaign

In this example, we’ll be creating a campaign to raise the sales of Chilli Beans glasses.

Let’s get straight to the point, we’ll create a campaign and add it into the email signature. We used Snappa.com to create 2 pieces or adversements. You have 5 free downloads per month.

Feel free to use other websites such as:

  • Crello.com
  • Canva.com
  • Photoshop

After you get to the administration area, access the superior menu Signatures, and then go to Campaigns.

Step 1) Name the campaign. In our case, we’ll call it “Chilli Beans – Up sales”.

Bybrand campaigns

Step 2) In the following step, choose the graph you desire. Currently, only two industry standards are visible.

Bybrand campaigns step 2

We choose to upload files with dimensions of 460px per 80px.

Step 3) Now we are in the most interesting step, which is sending the adverts. We have created 3 quick images as examples.

We need to upload images with exact dimensions of 460px per 80px, which was our choice.

Bybrand campaigns step 3

Done, campaign and adverts sent. Our final result is shown below.

Bybrand campaigns step 4

Please understand that we don’t have any advert active in the campaign yet. If I load this campaign in an email signature, a generic image will be shown. Of course, once you activate the advert, the image will appear.

I activated the second advert, Free Shipping.

Please read about Cache at the end.

Uploading a campaign into your email signature

It’s getting even better.

Now, we’ll upload our campaign, Chilli Beans – Up sales, into the email signature. Since my advert has a width of 480px, it would make sense to upload it where there’s enough space.

We’ll add the campaign at the end of the email signature, watch a quick video showing the process.

You can also upload campaign images at the same place where you upload email signature images. You can add it anywhere, not only at the end.

The next step is saving and sending the signature to the specific email account. Once you activate a campaign, the image will automatically update and you won’t need to change the email signature of the collaborator.


Since we are using images, a cache is generated to exhibit it so that the image is loaded faster and internet bandwidth is saved.

Knowing that, once you activate an ad, it might not be shown instantaneously in the signature, and in some cases, it might take 2 to 4 hours for it to be updated.


Messages sent to Google Mail do not load the content directly from the source, Gmail overwrites the URL to set its own cache parameters within an URL such as:


Therefore, Google Mail generates its own cache settings, which means that the campaign image swapping may take a little longer to update.

Ad duration

Bybrand Campaigns are not ideal for ads active for a short period of time, such as a few days or hours. You need a lot of days and weeks to get an effective result.

Video tutorial

We created a complete video presentation showing all steps of creating and adding a campaign at the end of an email signature.

All done! If you have any questions or difficulties with managing marketing campaigns in your email signature, please get in touch with our support team.

Updated on 13 de May de 2020

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