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Enable integration with Teamwork Desk

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Teamwork Desk is simple and efficient help desk software designed to help your support team easily manage customer help requests from one central location.

For the following steps, we will assume that you are already logged in to your Bybrand account and also to the Teamwork Desk.

How to enable integration?

On Bybrand first, visit the menu Account – Integrations and click to connect to Teamwork Desk, as seen in this example.

Enable Integration with Teamwork Desk

You will be directed to the main integration page, with some instructions on what you can do with Bybrand + Teamwork Desk active.

Visit the Manage menu, and click on the button to connect to Teamwork Desk.

Connect Bybrand with Teamwork Desk

You will be redirected to the Teamwork Desk authentication area, enter your login, and next, allow the Bybrand app to connect.

After approval, the final result will be similar to the example below. The system will also load all your inboxes.

Teamwork Desk integration enable

Sync inboxes

With active integration, you can at any time synchronize your Teamwork Desk inboxes with Bybrand.

You can load all admin-created inboxes to update individual email signatures in each of them.

Click on the Load inboxes button, and confirm the import.

The result will be similar to this one. Note that the number of inboxes has changed to 4.

Teamwork Desk inboxes loaded

The steps of enabling the integration end here! But you might want to update an HTML email signature remotely. By the way, this is the ultimate goal.

See how to do this below.

How to update an email signature?

Without a doubt, the best part is updating an email signature in your Teamwork Desk inbox.

The customer experience improves while the support load is reduced. With an efficient HTML email signature, your customer can quickly query the knowledge base (self-service), call the support phone, or open a chat call read more.

With an email signature created for the Teamwork Desk, click the Paste in email button, then Update signature.

Here’s an example:

Example of update an email signature to Teamwork Desk inbox.

When your update a signature remotely using Bybrand, shortly thereafter, if you don’t see the updated email signature in the Teamwork Desk administration area (in the inbox), you need to clear your browser cache.

Variable in Teamwork Desk

Teamwork Desk allows you to add dynamic variables to an email signature. Read here: How to create an email signature with a variable for Teamwork Desk.

Updated on 16 de September de 2021

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