What’s New on Bybrand? February 2021

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February was a short but productive month at Bybrand.

We’re announcing small but useful updates that have made our solution easier for companies that need to manage many a high amount of email signatures.

We have been working to improve our product’s usability. And when I say usability, I mean creating, managing, and implementing email signatures more quickly and successfully for all employees who are using corporate emails.


Save filters for signatures or employees

Now you can save the order of display of the list of email signatures or of the list of employees in the department.

The resource can be beneficial in case your account has many employees in the same department. With this, you can save the list’s classification to display newly added employees first and not last, which used to be the standard.

Save filters

Display duplicate information

If you like speed and complete tasks quickly, you probably use the Departments resource to manage email signatures from the integrations.

In this recent update, when you reimport users of the integration, the Bybrand will display duplicated records, adding a small icon to warn you that a similar record already exists.

This improvement will make it easier for you to erase old and duplicated records safely.

Shown duplicated register

There is a moment when you reimport employees into placeholders to update information. After the action, Bybrand will duplicate records, with a warning that is displayed in the reimport area.

Information about reimport: This action will update your employee’s list by adding new ones. The data of the placeholders of the employees already imported are not updated.

The reimport notice does not change.

Bulk delete of employees moved to the employee list

Erasing a large number of employees from a department is not a new resource. We have moved it to the list of employees.

It was previously located under the button Bulk Actions.

Bulk update examples

Open Asset gallery in empty fields within placeholders

To make the use of dynamic images in employee email signatures easier, we have created an option to select Assets’ image and incorporate it into the field.

The placeholder field needs to be empty for the image option to appear.

This button proposes to avoid opening a new browser tab so that you can obtain the picture of your employee’s face and then insert it into the email signature. Many clients who manage email signatures from CSV files face this inconvenience.

Open image gallery

You can check out the full tutorial on this resource here.

Text formatting when pasting from Word

This improvement is related to a problem that we have solved. You can now copy content from MS Word or your transfer area onto the email signature, and the editor will remove all special formatting.

Composer color changes are now permanent

A smaller change, now when you change the composer color of the email signature editor, it is permanently saved.

Change composer color

Everything else

In March, we will continue to implement customer suggestions. We are constantly working to improve our solution. Thank you, everyone, for your comments and support.