The benefits of a custom law firm email signature

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Professional business communications need a personal touch if a law firm wants to make an impression on every contact.

A law firm email signature provides this and so much more. Although phone calls and text messages have become more commonplace, recent US research shows that attorneys still prefer email for client interactions.

It provides the all-important paper trail in convenient digital format. With a personalized signature at the end, it also provides a chance to build recognition and reputation in the industry.

Why do lawyers choose email for client communication?

The statistics back up the perceived popularity of this digital form of communication. It is organized, recordable, and promotes transparency and clarity.

It also gives legal team members the chance to answer questions and give instructions after careful consideration and planning. This is one thing that skyrockets email’s effectiveness above phone calls, which require much more immediate attention.

Email remains more formal than text messages. It is an organized and comfortable way to share longer pieces of information that add more clarity to any conversation. In the midst of a case, sending attached documents or evidentiary pictures or recordings also works better with email.

The fact that each one has an immutable send and receive date and time stamp makes them more accurate for legal proceedings, too. Modern email security is also a real benefit.

Professional email as a branding and marketing tool

Law firms must market themselves effectively in order to attract more new clients and retain existing ones. Businesses that make use of corporate, branded email accounts have a benefit over those that use generic communication methods.

Email signature example with a logo.

It does not matter whether the lawyer works independently or is part of a larger team that operates out of a formal office setting. Email addresses and related law firm email signatures allow them to strengthen their brand.

A lot of this has to do with the URL of the email address itself. This should match the website used by the law firm. Another large part of branding effectively is to use an email template that includes a logo, color scheme, and overall feel congruent with the business itself.

The final and perhaps most powerful piece of the puzzle is an email signature for a law firm.

The power of a law firm email signature

Designing an effective email signature for law firm use adds a greater degree of professionalism and brand awareness than simply using the attorney’s name or law firm title.

It adds to the credibility of the overall brand and helps message recipients feel more comfortable with the credibility of who they are dealing with.

This is a huge benefit of using these simple yet effective tools. At the most basic, these added features include the attorney’s name, the company name, a logo, and a link.

  • Email closure (Sincerely, etc.) plus attorney name
  • Image logo or other branding picture
  • Motto or message that conveys brand and professionalism

These three parts of a law firm email signature give the law firm increased exposure to the brand, which helps with both recognition and reputation.

Video: Creating a clickable signature for law firms:

How to Create a Clickable HTML Signature for a Lawyer or Law Firm

How the company communicates conveys a certain impression to potential and existing clients, as well as network contacts. The more often a recipient sees the signature, the more likely they are to remember it. Repetition breeds familiarity, which boosts positive feelings about the brand itself.

Well-designed signatures on emails do more than this, however. Attorneys frequently use multiple types of communication to interact with clients. Although they may prefer email for the above-mentioned attributes, phone calls, WhatsApp, and social platform interactions are equally important.

Thus, a custom HTML email signature for a law firm should also include other contact details like these.

Email signature for law firm: creation and design tips

How can an attorney or multi-professional agency create an email signature that works? This indispensable tool needs careful design to boost its effectiveness and reap all the benefits listed above.

First, use accurate and up-to-date HTML, but make sure the signature presents well in text format, too. Not all recipients will use HTML in their email inbox. The coded option will display accurately even if they block images.

It also boosts load times and does not get in the way of the email template and content. They are also responsive, which means they will display well on any size screen. With the popularity of mobile computing these days, this is a must.

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These types of signatures also work well for multiple attorneys in the same law firm. The ability to standardize them only increases brand power. Just as the whole company uses the same email template, business card style, and letterhead, it should also use an easily recognizable signature design.

Template options for law firm email signatures

For many companies, a simple template does not provide the right brand-boosting power sufficient to make a difference for marketing. To create a professional email signature, it helps to have a reputable and experienced design team on board.

Bybrand offers custom HTML signature creation services focused on all the benefits listed in this article and more. With years of graphic and marketing experience, we know what it takes to deliver an effective addition to every email communication.

Email signature option one:

This template focuses on the law firm’s areas of expertise and invites phone calls with clearly displayed contact information.

Email signature template for law firm, option one.

Email signature option two:

This version works well for independent attorneys who want to funnel potential clients to LinkedIn for more details and additional customer acquisition material.

Email signature example for law firm, option two.

Email signature option three:

A well-designed logo catches attention right away with this signature design. It also includes a legal disclaimer, which commonly accompanies correspondence from law firms.

Email signature template for law firm, option three.

Email signature option four:

This choice highlights the attorney’s name and is especially useful for larger law firms. The logo also catches attention and increases brand awareness.

Email signature template for law firm, option four.

Ultimately, the design of the email signature for law firm use must convey brand identity at a glance and provide all essential information about the attorney. Standard, well-crafted HTML templates help companies create and share the most effective signature options with every email recipient. Impress and retain clients more easily.

Final thoughts

Make the law firm’s brand recognizable and build a reputation for success. The right email signature helps power up the most preferred form of legal communication in use today.

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